Happy 2011!


Not a lot of people may know this about me but I love blogs.  Mostly nutrition, vegetarian, and other health and fitness related blogs.  I’m addicted to pretty much any blog involving those topics. Every morning I wake up, read blogs then I usually do it again before I go to bed at night.  It’s a serious addiction…

Anyways, after 2 years of routinely reading blogs, I’ve been inspired to start my own and share it with whoever might be interested in reading it.

I’ll talk a little bit about everything – workouts, food, recipes, daily adventures, wine, media related articles I might have opinions about, music, movies, my friends, family….basically any every day thing that was interesting that I want to share with others.   Feel free to comment or share your opinions about anything I post, it’s always up for debate!  Also, remember this is a beginner blog so I’m sticking to the basic on formatting and what not until I get a better grip on the situation.  And remember, it’s currently still under construction. If you have any helpful hints  or suggestions please share them!

So on that note…..


As part of 2011 I’m doing something new and a complete first for me – setting a few personal New Year’s resolutions, and hopefully by sharing them with the rest of the world, I’ll be inspired to be held accountable for reaching my goals.  So, here they are, in no particular order.

2011 Goals

1)      Train for a 5K by my 24th birthday.  And hopefully, learn to enjoy running and pack on at least one additional race during 2011.  (This is a big step for me.  It’s not that I can’t run, it’s that I dread it but want to learn to love it.  Usually I’m running and thinking “God I hate this.”)

2)      Add a weight training regiment 1-2 times per week to my regular workouts .

3)      Get re-acquainted with yoga and begin practicing at least once weekly, whether it be on my own or in a formal class.

4)      Save 10% of my paychecks.  I’m 23 years old and have never actually followed a budget or saved for anything.  It’s about time I start to accurately regulate my finances.

5)      Volunteer .  I used to say my volunteering was donating blood, but really, we all know that’s not actually volunteering.  And truthfully, I haven’t donated since I graduated from Geneseo in Spring 2009.  So, in 2011, I want to start giving back and helping others.  I’m not sure which organization I’d volunteer with – maybe Girl Scouts or something to help the environment.  This goal is still up for suggestions.  Anyone have any volunteer organizations they can recommend?

Okay, so those are my 2011 goals.  They aren’t huge, they definitely don’t stretch my limits but I feel like they are achievable and sharing them,  like I said, will hopefully help me to commit to them.

Wish me luck and Happy New Year!!!

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?  Do you think I’ll stick to mine?  Or are you already waging bets on my failure?

One thought on “Happy 2011!

  1. Kara Altieri

    Good luck Little Sis.
    I think you will do great at ur resolutions just don’t go losing more weight or I will have to be upset. I have always wanted to volunteer at Ronald McDonald house so if you would be interested in that we can look into it together but not sure what they might need volunteers for. As for saving part of ur paycheck what I do is have a certain portion of my check go into savings so I never even see it in my checking account I find it makes it easier that way.
    My resolutions are to start working out at least 3 times a week. There’s no way I could handle everyday like u so I figure 1 less than half will do. I want to try to only it fried food once a week. This is going to be a tough one though since I live in the bars. And last but not least I won’t to only drink 4 days a week. I know that sounds insane to say “only” four days but we all know right now I’m more like 7 so we will start with 4….lol. So how do you think I will do with mine?

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