4 outta 5 – Resolution Update


So how about a small update on the New Year’s resolutions… It’s been about 2 weeks and I’ve successfully stuck to all of my resolutions (minus the volunteering – but I have serious intentions there).

1)      Train for a 5k

I’ve been running on the treadmill every other time I’m at the gym.  Give me a break here, I hate running and it takes a lot of effort for me to convince myself to pick up the pace passed 4.2 while on the machine.  I’m still doing the beginner’s runner regiment…Walk 2 minutes, run 3 minutes, or any combination of a walk-run-repeat I can force myself into that day.  I will say, I am extremely proud after every running session I have.   Hopefully this feeling will stick around and keep me motivated.  Though, I am having some issues with sore hips and muscles…probably because I’m in no shape for running.  Hopefully this will past in time.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to train for a 5k?  I looked online and can’t find any training program I like.

2)      Add weight training to my weekly workouts.

I got myself a trainer, and this trainer has got me lifting weights.  Not the body builder weights, but girly weights with lots of core and ab work thrown into the mix.  Let’s just say, today my core is super sore – so much that a deep breath or small giggle makes it ache.  I have one more training session left with the trainer tomorrow morning and at the end of it I’ll receive an entire weight lifting plan I can incorporate into my workouts 2-3 times a week. Weeeee it feels good to know I’m on track to achieve some resolutions!!!

3)      Regain a regular yoga practice.

I’m proud to say, that after a year and a half of practicing yoga in a studio with a yoga teacher, I have branched out and given yoga on my own a shot.  I set up my mat, put on my awesome yoga music  (John Mayer) and do whatever flow that feels right for the day.  This has been especially helpful in working out my running kinks.  Hellllooo hip openers!  I plan on attending classes in the future because I really do miss the hot yoga studio, the traditional teachings, and walking out sweaty and gross.  This effect can just NOT be achieved in a Rochester, NY apartment in the dead of winter.

4)      Save 10% of my income.

Well, I (sorta) set up a budget using Mint.com, checked out my credit score, and did the simple math to move 10% of my weekly paychecks into savings.  Now, I just have to seriously modify the budget and stick to it.  But, my financial situation will soon be changing, so I’m saving the actual budget forecasting for when all my financials are officially in place – roughly a month.  Until then, the simple 10% a month from paycheck calculation will keep me on track for accomplishing this resolution.

5)      Volunteer.

I’m brainstorming possible volunteer places.  So far I’m thinking about an animal shelter (walking stray shelter dogs), maybe even some sort of mentor program or assisting a Girl Scout troop.  This resolution will come into full swing once my life has settled.


Heading into week 3…Wish me luck!  And seriously, I can use some running suggestions.  This will be my most difficult resolution.  Maybe I should find a race and commit so I HAVE to get into running shape….




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