Yeah, remember when I said I had all these great New Year’s Resolutions and I was going to blog to help me stay on track……and some how after week number 2 I failed to ever post again?

Well…I blame it on “Life Happens”

You all should know by now that I moved to Austin, started a new job, was adjusting to my new home away from home, and then, moved again – still in Austin…but this time out of the G-H-E-T-T-O!  And into somewhere nice, with pools (yes, plural!), young people, community drinking events and sporting leagues, and gates at the entrance to keep the freaks and creepers out. The only downside – the 2 flights of stairs I climb daily to reach the 3rd floor apartment.  Hello fabulous thighs, calves, and booty!

So now I’m settled…mostly…the apartment’s decorated…somewhat…photos to come soon!

I’ve also made some friends – a group of girls who are fun and   fabulous!

Mayank & I out to dinnr one night!

I’ve joined a kickball team and I am all signed up to   start a summer sand volleyball league!  I’m also having a blast   exploring Austin – it’s cool restaurants, regional beers(!!!!), festivals, and outdoor offerings!  I’ll share my adventures in time!

I leave you with a picture of the sunset on Lake Travis.  Another thing I love about Texas – the views are amazing, even if it’s just the cloudless blue sky – absolutely breathtaking!

Oh…and about those resolutions….I’ll address those at a later date….


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