Come on in….


….Let me show you around.

Sooo…our apartment isn’t fully decorated…but we have a great comfy living room and an awesome TV and coffee table which we totally take advantage of…

I mean, we surf the net, eat our meals, pay our bills, drink our morning coffee (Chair for M<3) , and watch hours of Netflix without leaving the couch.  So it’s still in the “design phase” but here’s what the new place looks like so far…


Our comfy couch..that we are currently living on…


Mayank’s awesome TV…where he so sweetly allows me to watch Bravo, FoodTV, and E!  I’m so happy to again be watching Top Chef and The Real Housewives of Whatever City Happens to Be On.


This is our tree top view.  There’s actually a little reservoir/pond type thing out the window.  And I can watch all the squirrels and birds…and spy on the joggers along the trail.  We still need some patio furniture – but that will come in time.


This is the view from the living room into the kitchen.  I’m working on doing a photo collage of all of M<3 and my family/friends.  We just have to pick out photos.


Another view of the kitchen. I LOVE my spice rack (Thank you Heather!!!)  And I’m so happy to have an electric oven again.  I know a lot of people favor gas, but I grew up on electric and since that’s what my Mom used, that’s what I use (Like Mother Like Daughter!!!)


This is our little desk area.  With lots of trinkets to decorate the shelves.  There’s more to add there but like I said, the apartment is a work in progress.


Lastly, this is one quick shot of the bedroom.  It’s still “under construction” but I love the bed spread  (from West Elm – my favorite home store)  and curtain.  Also, I’m super proud of my self for hanging the curtain rod and curtains single handedly!

So that’s the tour.  It seems small but it’s actually perfect for M<3 and I. We can’t even fill it…except for the closet…that we easily filled. 

So far…I’m content, comfortable and happy.  And THAT’S what is important.  And, if you have any decorating suggestions or ideas, they’re totally welcomed!


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