Spending Time with Mom…


It’s weird, but even while I was at college, I’ve never spent more than 3 or 4 weeks away from my Mom.  Now that I live in Austin, I have gone almost 4 months without seeing her and I never knew I’d actually miss her as much as I do.  Just thinking about my Mom makes me sad and makes me wish I could be doing all those Mother-Daughter things we used to do together….Like baking and decorating cookies, going for walks with her little (FAT) dog Penny, crafting, or just watching country music videos on TV on Saturday mornings….

One way I feel closer to Mom is by sharing SPECIAL DRINK FRIDAY with her and just knowing that she’s having a special treat with me to celebrate the end of the work week and the start of the weekend makes me smile!


Mom usually gets an Iced Capp from Tim Horton’s and I like to mix it up…sometimes Starbucks, maybe a Dunkin’ Donuts….or sometimes I may grab a frozen yogurt…because Special Drink Friday isn’t about an actual drink…It’s about treating your self during the work day on Friday…it’s the motivation of a treat on Friday that gets you through Monday to Thursday.

The other way I stay close to Mom is by baking and making cinnamon rolls especially reminds me of Mom because of the cool trick she taught me while cutting cinnamon rolls in order for them to keep their special spiral.

I made Blueberry Cinnamon rolls last weekend and it instantly made me feel close to Mom! (Recipe Source)


Mmm Dough!   I’ know it doesn’t look beautiful but it’s really easy

to work with and pretty simple to make.


So I have a pretty stocked kitchen but one thing I don’t have is a rolling pin…which is a necessity when making cinnamon rolls and working with dough….Since I didn’t have a rolling pin, I improvised, with a wine bottle (And no, this wasn’t my Special Drink Friday drink….though it very well could have been)


Of course, it’s Shiraz (my favorite) on sale a Target ❤ for $3.99 = STEAL!  And it’s also a bargain when it comes to multi tasking as a rolling pin


As Mom says “I like to cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food!”


Rolled out, spread with cinnamon and brown sugar yumminess and

the sprinkled with blueberries!


So here it is, all rolled up….And the secret trick Mom taught me!  You score out the cinnamon rolls, then you use a thin piece of thread to cut the rolls.  It makes it clean and keeps the nice spiral.  Plus, it’s fun to do!   You just cross the strings and it makes the cut.  This is definitely my favorite part of making cinnamon rolls.


Perfection after the cut.


All done, now into the fridge to rest and to bake in the morning…


These made the apartment smell wonderful!  And they only take

about 25 minutes to bake up!


And now for the completed baked good….


Warm, sweet, fruity, and the best way for me to “bake” with my Mom…..Btw, these would also be a great substitute for Special Drink Friday!



One thought on “Spending Time with Mom…

  1. Mom

    I miss you too and all the mother/daughter things we did together. That’s why we did them, so you’d have those memories to carry you through when you became an adult! Love you so much!

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