Hangin’ Around Austin


One thing I love about Austin is that there is always something to do – checking out a festival, attending a sporting event, trying a new restaurant, or exploring Austin’s scenic views.  The past couple weekends have been pretty busy, M<3 and I have ventured out and really seen a lot of Austin so here’s a peak at what we’ve been up to…

First…the Adult Beverage Tour…

Margaritas Galore

For some reason the beating sun and extreme heat always gives M<3 and I the perfect excuse to sample margaritas.  Every restaurant in Austin has their own unique offering of  margaritas and no matter what they’re always delicious!




I think the best part is the flavored specialty salts that they line the rim with!  The yellow drink above had corn and pineapple in it and was rimmed with rose flavored salt.  The other had cactus flavored salt.  I’ve never truly loved Tequila but I think living in the South has already rubbed off on me, I’m lovin’ it now.


House Wine 

This is one of my favorite places in Austin.  M<3 and I had a wine tasting course here when I came to visit in December and this is our first time back since I’ve moved.  They have great Sunday specials with half off glasses of wine = Great Wine for Not a lot of $$.


It has a huge selection, a great atmosphere, and it’s really relaxing. I can’t wait to go back and I’d love to take another wine tasting course.  Surprisingly, the guy teaching the course was originally from Victor, NY.  What a small world!


Ferrari Show

I pretty much forced Mayank to go to this show because I know how much he loves cars.  Here’s a few snapshots from the show…


IMAG0196Me and Car


We also went to checkout a baseball game…The Round Rock Express.  They’re the feeder team for the Rangers.  We went with Mayank’s work friend Mark and his fiancé Stacy, they’re getting married next weekend!!!  Can’t wait for the wedding.



Round Rock Express got their butts kicked by Iowa but it was still a nice game.   My only complaint…I left sunscreen in the car and suffered because of it due to a small sunburn…My first burn since moving to Austin!


Guess the guy behind us was a bit bored by Round Rock Express’

poor performance?

IMAG0245 Please don’t touch the cow.


High-Five the Mascot. 

BTW – This ballpark also had a pool in it.  You could splish-splash around the pool while watching the game…..Only in Texas




Saturday we finally went to Lake Austin and tested the water…


The water was actually pretty warm.  It was nice to cool down in while chatting.  The only problem I had…the bottom was a bit squishy and I am NOT a fan of my feet sinking into the muddy sand.  Good thing I had my life raft (Mayank!) to hang on to and to keep my feet off the bottom. I also collected a few lake-shells and rocks that were really pretty.



A group of girls I met planned a picnic so M<3 and I went for the afternoon to catch some sun, eat some munchies and hang out… The girls also celebrated April & May Birthdays so there was cake!



And here’s a group shot of all the girls…The guys were a bit camera shy….



So there’s a little summary of what I’ve been up to these past couple of weeks…of course, there’s been a lot of undocumented pool & tanning time too..

Now, I have 1 day left before I start a new journey here in Austin…For now, I’m off to enjoy my last day of vacation….


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