And no, I don’t mean hittin’ the ‘roids.

I mean THIS kind of juicing…

Fresh veggie and fruit juice kind of juicing. Beet juice. Carrot juice. Kale juice. Pear juice….Kind of juicing. Juice for 3 days straight kind of juicing.

BUT WHY?!  You may ask? Well because I’m hoping to clean out my system and give it a good ol’ reboot and hopefully curb some of my cravings.

So here’s the plan: 6 drinks a day, 1 every 2 hours,  for 3 days – no solid food – just water in between. If you want more details check this out – it’s where I got my juice and details the drinks a bit more.  There’s also a detox blend thrown it (a take on the Master Cleanse) which has lemon, water, cayenne pepper, and cane syrup.  At night there’s a cashew milk to drink  which helps with satiety in order to sleep without hunger pangs.


Now what do I expect to get out of this?  Well, I hope to cleanse by body of all the toxins that I put in.  Yes, we all know, I’m a healthy eater but I’ve diverged a tad the past few months with sugar, (cookies, ice cream, and chocolate became a nightly dessert requirement) caffeine (1-2 cups a day somehow became enough coffee to equal 2 or 3 Starbucks Trentas – the café SUPERSIZE), and alcohol (a true lush, a wine-o, margarita lovin’, craft beer sippin’ regular).

On top of all that, I’ve been having horrible digestion issues that I can’t seem to find a trigger for.  It’s a hot burning sensation in my stomach with striking pains that come and go, lasting for 2-3 days at a time.

After researching the detox/cleanse I found that it has the potential  (keyword!)

1) To cure my cravings: be gone caffeine and sugar demons!

2) Clean out my toxins: buh-bye Splenda stockpile and unwashed veggie pesticides

3) Reset my body: fingers-crossed the abundance of nutrients will help get my stomach on the digestive fast track!

I know these aren’t guaranteed results but I have high hopes!

So check back over the next three days for my take on the 3 Day Cleanse and to see if I actually had the willpower to make it through it.


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