1 Juice, 2 Juice, Red Juice….


Yesterday was the first day on the cleanse…

This was how my morning went …

6:30am Wake Up and think to my self “You’re not hungry, you’re not hungry….damnit I’m HUNGRY! Well, I can’t eat at 6:30 because that’s just way too early for breakfast and I haven’t even picked up the juice yet! Gotta wait til at least 8am.”

8:00am Pick up Juice and think “Got my juice! This is gonna be fun, man I hope the green juice tastes like the Wegmans Green Glory because that’s my favoirte!”


8:30am: First green juice down the hatch… “That does NOT taste like Wegmans…a bit too grassy but I know it’s good for me, I’ll drink it”

Then around 9:30am I had some hot water with lemon in it…

11:00am Red Juice Time! “Man I love beets but I hate beet-carrot juice…just drink it, drink your vitamins”


11:30am: This is where the effects of NOT eating kick in..or maybe it’s the overload of micronutrients because my head feels a little foggy and tight and my eye sights a bit patchy when I first standup…But it eventually passes

1:30pm Another green juice!  Chug chug chug!

3:30pm Cayenne Pepper Lemonade “Whoa! This stuff is good, I don’t mind it at all!”  It tastes like a kicked-up lemonade and not that spicy at all.

4:15pm: Revise my last statement, that Cayenne Lemonade is good til I get to to the end where all the cayenne fell.

After work, I hit the gym for some light walking on the treadmill, since I’m not supposed to be exercising on the cleanse.

6:30pm: Another red juice! “God I really hate red juice”

8:30pm : Cashew milk time!OMG. This tastes like a melted smoothie, a bit cinnamony, sweet, creamy” LOVE IT!

Does anyone know how to milk a cashew?  Whenever I think of any kind of nut milk I picture someone literally milking a nut……(Don’t worry, I know you don’t actually milk a nut)

So day one evaluation: I didn’t mind it, wasn’t really that hungry at all but boy was I moody and the rage struck right around 5pm.  It was the, don’t get in my way, don’t even look at me the wrong way type of rage.  I was also a bit emotional all day but other that that I didn’t feel all that different and it wasn’t all that bad.  Hopefully things will continue looking up for me!  Other than that, my body isn’t feeling any different yet.

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