Healthified: The act of taking a healthy recipe
and making it even healthier.

It’s a well known fact that I’m a healthier eater – a healthier eater that likes GOOD food and sweets.  In fact, at times I could most definitely pass up a real meal in place of a dessert buffet.

Yes, I’m a vegetarian, technically a pescatarian, yet very few know the definition of this word.

Pescatarian: Used to define those who abstain from eating all animal flesh with the exception of sea-based creatures.

It seems to be that my pescatarian-ism has become less and less a part of my regular diet, usually only coming into play when I am out to dinner and a scrumptious, reasonably priced salmon dish screams out to me.

As a result of my continuous broadcast about healthy eating, a few friends both near and far, have requested an assortment of my healthy recipes.  After giving it some thought I believed might be easiest if I list the recipes here on my blog that I myself have taste tested and approved and also throw in some healthy lifestyle tips and tricks I use.

Some of these recipes are modifications of recipes I have found on other blogs, magazines, or cookbooks and I promise to  give credit where credit is due when I post these recipes but please know, a lot of the recipes I’ll post were used as a base for inspiration, which were then healthified.


I plan to post recipes for breakfasts, lunch, dinners, and of course sweets. For most recipes, I’ll include nutritional information for reference.  I’ll also add in some information about transitioning to a healthier diet without deny yourself completely of all the good food in life.  I love wine, chocolate, and crave the comfort foods of my Mom’s kitchen.  I’ll also be sure to post modifications or substitutes for every day foods and how to navigate social outings and restaurants to stick to the healthy eating mantra. I feel that I myself have weeded through the majority of healthy living articles published to now know the best recipes, foods, and tips, so hopefully this will be a compilation of what I’ve discovered.

Lastly, as I said, I am vegetarian so these recipes will be vegetarian.  This does not mean they can’t be made with meat – simply substitute cooked chicken, shrimp, or ground turkey where you see fit (I’ll also try to note substitutions).  Just remember, these changes will effect the nutrition of the recipe.  I may also use ingredients, spices or herbs that are foreign to you – these ingredients key and are used because of the nutritional value and added taste element.  The key to making good-tasting, healthy food is flavor – leaving out these spices will greatly effect your likelihood of enjoying the recipes.

To start things off, tomorrow I’ll post an overview that I had sent someone last year who had wanted to clean up their diet.  It goes over meal options, how to eat, and even some exercise ideas.

And, if you have any specific requests for a healthified recipe, please let me know because it’s more than likely that I have one.


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