Cupcakes Take the Cake


I know, I’ve been MIA for ages but I blame it on my fast-paced, work-centered life in the big city.  Yea, newsflash, in-case you missed  it, I’m a NYC girl nowadays.   But I plan on making an appearance on here a bit more regularly as I’ve truly missed writing and I’m coming back strong with a killer guest post and some insight into my NY life.

If you know me, I love cupcakes and I’ve been a dedicated Cupcakes Take the Cake blog reader drooler for years.   This week I was given the opportunity to write a post as a guest blogger for the site.

This past summer a friend and I, fellow cupcake lover and owner of Dollop in Rochester, NY,  Heather Saffer, went on a self-guided cupcake tour across Manhattan in search of the Best NYC Cupcake.  Head over to Cupcakes Take the Cake to read about our adventure and to see my nominee for NY’s Best Cupcake.  If you have conflicting opinions or feel I truly missed out on a NY Cupcake gem, leave a comment below as I’m up for a NY style Cupcake War!

One thought on “Cupcakes Take the Cake

  1. Pam Maslany

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your guest blog. It was the best! Now I have to head to Rochester and try out your friend’s cupcakes. Thanks again for an enjoyable post.

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