How to turn your Girlfriend into a Sports Fan


Your high-maintenance girlfriend, the one who gets a weekly mani-pedi, highlights her hair, and requires an hour to dress and primp to go grocery shopping, can be turned into a cheering, screaming, Sports Fan, rooting for you favorite team.  The transformation only occurs when three key factors align:

1) A Winning Team

If you want your girlfriend to cheer on your favorite team, make sure your team is a winning team.  Your girlfriend does not want to be dragged away from her favorite Real Housewives of New Atlanta Hills  show to accompany you to the bar to cheer on a losing team. 

If you’re team’s constantly losing then your girlfriend will probably never come to understand why you support them.  She won’t understand why you commit so much of your time and energy to team when you’re bound to be let down by week after week.  And the fact that after each loss, you mope around the house venting about what your team didn’t do right, only pushes her to further hone her ignore skills.

If your team can stand for improvement, then I suggest you find a new team or come to terms with the fact that your girlfriend will never be a Sports Fan. 

Examples of Winning Teams:



2)  Cute Clothes

Yes, I’m going stereotypical here but trust me, buy her the team clothes and she’ll eagerly begin supporting your team.  If she’s able to get dressed up, wear a specific outfit, and put time and effort into coordinating her outfit  and makeup to create the perfect combo of cute and “not too cheerleader-ish” then she’s no longer just watching TV, she’s attending an EVENT!  A social event at that! 

These clothes can range from a cute team scarf or hat, a well-fitted women’s shirt, or even a team jersey. Either way, as long as it’s EVENT appropriate, you’ll have more success in getting her to attend the game, match, or fight with you.


3) Hot Players

If she has to watch your team chase a ball for 90 minutes then the players better damn well be worth looking at.  So set your jealous alter ego aside, understand that the chances of her actually meeting that good looking center fielder, star quarterback, or homerun hitter are slim to none and let her make a comment or two about “how cute” he is or his “tight little butt.”  It’s a small price to pay to know that you’ll be able to happily watch the game on Sunday afternoons on the MAIN TV without a fight.

david beckham 300809

So, if you can find yourself a winning team, with good looking players and are able to purchase her a shirt and a couple accessories, I guarantee that your girlfriend will morph into a Sports Fan.  At least a fan enough to sit through your games, cheer when they score, and curse when they foul.  All we ask boys is that you treat us to a drink or two throughout the course of the game and promise to watch The Real Housewives of Wherever on DVR when we return home.

My personal transformation began as such:

A) Winning Team: Manchester United


B) Cute Clothes: Fitted Shirt and a Jersey of the Hot Player

C) Hot Player: Robin Van Persie

This magic combo has put a spell on me – eagerly awaiting Saturday morning games and happily volunteering to join M<3 at the bar to cheer and scream as a true Sports Fan.


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