Have you ever been so happy where you just walk around with a smile on your face?  The other day I was walking out of the elevator at work and had the biggest grin on my face.  All I could think was how goofy I  look to others but for some reason I didn’t care.  I knew if they asked me why I was smiling so large, my answer would simply be because I’m happy!

It’s strange, I had the same thought again this morning as well.  It wasn’t even 7am but I was up and out the door with Stella.  I watched her run ahead of me on her leash and wiggle her little stub of a tail. No one else was around and I was smiling – all to myself, just feeling happy! 

All I could think about was how thankful I am for my life.  I have an amazing boyfriend <3M!  Lots of times you hear girls get together and complain about their boyfriends but truthfully, I have very little to whine about.  We’re a normal couple, bickering when necessary but it never last long.  He helps around the apartment, takes care of responsibilities, always does his honey-do list, and surprises me with sweet little somethings at random.  I’m so happy to have him.

 Then I have this little gremlin of a dog, who’s the sweetest thing one moment then tearing through the apartment with a roll of toilet paper or my shoe the next.  But I could never stay mad at her. With this cute little under bite, huge personality, and sparkling eyes!  I love that she’s energetic and it’s always been my dream to have a little boxer to walk with M<3.  I wear my goofy smile on those walks with just the three of us too, repeating to <3M “This is what I’ve always dreamed!

Honestly, writing it all down makes it sound too good to be true.  It’s almost scary that 1) It’s REAL and 2) It could be taken away but I’m so thankful and lucky for these moments in my life.


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