Five on Friday


Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just watch the minutes on the clock tick by?  It’s not because work is boring – you have tasks to complete and deadlines to meet but for some reason the clock just creeps and all you can think is “C’mon five o’clock Friday!”

That was my week. Tick…Tick…Tick…. 

Even though my week dragged, I still had some amazing highlights that made me smile… Here’s my top 5

1. Fitting in a noontime workout at CYC Fitness.  There’s nothing better than getting in a great sweat session in the middle of the day to help break up the normal 9-5.  The bummer…not having time to shower after class.  (Umm, yeah, that’s the truth & I hate to admit).


2. <3M and I finally made it back to our “traditional” Wednesday Glass Night at The Flying Saucer.  There’s just something about the Saucer that screams relaxation. <3M and I have re-named it “Our Bar” We enjoyed a drink, collected our glass, and socialized Stella.  


3. My kickball team won.  Finally.  After 6 weeks of losing (OK – 1 Tie & 5 Losses).  And we didn’t just squeak by with a win, we killed it, winning 7-2.  One week left then playoffs! Maybe we have another win in us before the season is over?


 4. These cookies.  Yes, they’re a fussy, labor-intensive batch to make but your tastebuds will thank you.  So will all your friends because you’ll have to give them away in order to save yourself from inhaling the entire batch.  Simply put, these cookies are Snickerdoodles on steroids.  All the classic Snickerdoodle flavors with a surprise chewy, caramel center.  Totally worth the effort. Make them.  Now.


5. This hasn’t happened yet but it’s my light at the end of the tunnel.  My making it through the week grand prize is floating the river on Saturday with good friends, cold beer (possibly tequila), and lots of sunshine.  Is there any better way to relax than enjoying a naturemade lazy river?



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