So you all know I love to cook, though my cooking tends to lean a bit more towards baking.  Mostly because I have an unsatisfiable sweet tooth and because I’m still learning to cook.  Surprisingly, cooking and baking are not one in the same.  So bare with me as I stumble through the trial and errors of learning to cook.  Consider any recipe I post to be an “Eat at your own tastebuds’ risk.”  And remember, I have compltely different , drastically unique tastes in foods, compared to the mass majority of the world.  Remember this before I hear any “Ew!” comments.

Anyways, here you’ll find some recipe I’ve created, including those I might have adapted from another’s recipe.  You’ll also find links to recipes that I believe sound delicious and hope to try some day in the future (or whenever I have a fully functional kitchen equipped with an oven – You do all know I live in an studio with only a microwave, stove top burner, and toaster oven, right?)  So my cooking/baking ability is limited and I modify recipes to fit my pitiful kitchen.  Lastly, you’ll also find some notes for easy sweets and snacks that I modified to be quick, simple, and a bit healthier than the traditional!


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