I’m getting married in a week



Did you know I’ll be married in a week?

Well, not legally – not filing for taxes together legally – but married in at least one half the world.

IMG_0203 (1)

We’ve been referring to these upcoming nuptials as “being married in the Eastern hemisphere.” And we’re constantly being asked how we’ll respond afterwards, when asked if we’re married, if we’ll refer to one another as husband and wife, if he’ll wear a ring back in the States, which anniversary we’ll  celebrate, etc?

The real answer isn’t I don’t know.

I’m pretty sure we’ll do whatever feels right or maybe the Eastern hemisphere joke will be carried out until the wedding in Austin – which is exactly 210 days after the wedding in India.

It’s strange – we never really had to talk about whether or not we should have two weddings or one. We both just knew we were going to have two weddings.  Because honestly, both <3M and I have different ideas of  “tying the knot.”


To him, getting married meant a week of traditions and rituals, festive activities, grand attire, joyous music, dancing, and hundreds of people.

My idea included a white dress, a walk down the isle with my dad, cake cutting, sharing the experience with a handful of  people, and a day of romance.


Both drastically different yet each completely traditional.

And I love it.


I love that we’re honoring both our cultures.  I love that we get to share this event with friends & family across the globe – not forcing them to choose whether or not they should make the 2000 mile journey one way or another to attend a single event   I love that they get to see our love and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with them in India or Austin as <3M & I begin a new chapter of our life.

For us, two weddings means twice the opportunity to celebrate our love.  For us, it’s our normal.